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The Good Ache - Successful Work Effort at CareFest DuPage

My arms ache.

Yesterday, I helped, along with several other churches large and small, in a one day service project for our community.

Our organization supplied through donors everything from mulch to paint, and warm bodies working hard. At least 1,000 such bodies. Multiplied by four hours, that is the 4,000 hours of work. Not bad.

At $10/hour, that's $40,000 worth of work, plus the value of equipment. While my work was worth only the $10, there were genuinely skilled plumbers and electricians and others involved. What do they charge usually? I'll guess the total value of what we gave was close to $100,000.

I was on the job of spreading mulch and weeding at West Chicago High School. My fingers have blisters and are stiff, my shoulders have a dull ache, and my back could use some downtime.

Others on our West Chicago High School team washed their cars and trucks (and at least one bus), and painted garbage cans.

We had no agenda other than helping out. Churches working together is always a good thing. Maybe you are in DuPage and want to be involved next year. Let me know, and I will connect you with the guy in charge.

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