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Word:Word Game Goes Global - Join the Fun (repost)

Word:Word - A Game of Relationship

50 members!

For my friends, and their friends, and their pet dog's friends, I have started a new group for playing Word:Word. It is a simple wordplay game that builds on word relationships. What's fun is when one player turns the word into a new direction through homonyms, synonyms, opposite meanings, or strange, yet obvious relationships. Join up, read what others are thinking.


I have posted the game as a thread on a discussion board at Amazon.com, and it amassed something like 500+ posts within a few days. Around 1,000 posts so far for each in what was just intended to be a silly little game.

This is the same game. However, both are hard to find - the Amazon one is hardly exclusive, but few know it exists. Usually, it is populated by book readers who have a strange compulsion to tell others what they think about the book. A great group.

My Facebook thread was just the result of my blog (this blog you are reading) feeding in to Facebook through its Notes feature. Strangely, my blog post, in the context of the blog, went unnoticed. Facebook, though, is great connector of all people.

Anyway, starting the group will helps you word addicts keep in vowels and consonants.

Incidentally, the group presently playing is a very interesting array of otherwise unconnected friends, stemming from Bloomington, to online-only friends, to various portions of my Chicago-area life. They might click on each other's profiles, or not -- but I smile, realizing the context behind certain word choices, unknown to the other players.

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