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The Cool and the Cucumber: Farmers Markets as Function and Form

Ever go to farmer's markets? We do. A necessity to get certain vegetables. Not being a great vegetable eater, I had never really gone before, but certain cherries, peppers that make Hungarian food what it is require the occasional visit. I learned it is cool to go.

In Hungary, farmers sell their stuff in large markets. And people buy in there. More than fruits and vegetables too. Meat. Bread. It is more a general market than the French Market I see in our town.
Here, a French Market takes over a parking lot most Saturday mornings in Spring and Summer. Real farmers sell there, as do a few boutique stores from the area. But it is cool to be there, to be seen there. 'Cool' is not part of my lifestyle lingua franca, so I am smiling at it all.
Pictured here are cherries picked in Michigan a few weeks ago. We needed them, they were cheap, so we did. These are tart cherries, similar to the Balaton cherries found in Hungary (and Michigan, but not in season). Cool? You betcha. Functional? Completely.
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