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Sarah Palin Fan

Am I a Sarah Palin fan? If you see my Facebook presence, you might think so. I am intrigued. I expect a few of my Palin-phobic friends to wince, but I trust that they are bright enough to know already what I'm saying below describes my perspective. Yet, I joined the Sarah Palin Facebook group.

Will I vote for her if she runs in 2012? I don't know. She hasn't announced this, hasn't even competed in the primaries as a presidential candidate, and I have no idea what the issues in 2012 will be. I won't likely vote in the primaries for her, that's for sure. I can't. I'm not a Republican and she is.

I know that unless Barack Obama becomes prolife and stops being the patsy for the Democratic Party (or is it that the Democratic Party has become his patsy?), I will not be voting for him in 2012.

So what will it be?

For now, Barack Obama is my president. I am an American, and he is the president of the United States of America. George W. Bush was the president of every American for the eight years prior (yes, even for those who claim otherwise, unless they were Canadian or Cuban or English or...).

I do admire certain aspects of Palin. She grinned through a lot of abuse thrown at her by city-folk who did not like her northwestern USA accent. She did not waver in her prolife stand even though a middle-of-the-road statement could have helped her in the McCain effort.

I also am impressed with her willingness to stand up for her faith. Even some Christians trashed her for this, including ones comfortable with Obama's ex-pastor supporting him. That took guts. Palin would quickly dismiss supporters to do what she believed is right.

Will she make a good president? That depends on the kind of president we need in 2012. I think Barack Obama might be a one-year president whose job is simply to get our economy on track. If he runs again, it would be difficult for her to win, presuming ObamaLove is still in heat. However, I can see him fighting for hard policies at the end of his first term that could lose him liberal supporters. He's started to buck some of the most antiwar supporters with his Afghanistan war strategy.

McCain, to me, was no maverick. He was bold, but still a party member when it was all over. She is frustrating both parties because she is thinking for herself. This amazes me, especially as she remains popular. While she may not ultimately have enough supporters to win the presidency (but there seems to be a slow tide increasing), she is showing herself to be a leader. Just by speaking about important issues, she may, like a third party candidate, force the front runners to change their stand.

Am I fan? Yep. Will I vote for her? Too early to call.

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