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When It All Comes Down To It, Gimme Rock

I'm old rocker. No apologies. As I surf through my music tastes, I listen to a wide range of genres regularly. But I was born in 1966. I bought my first LP in 1976. (Wild Cherry, purchased at Dominick's). Favorites are found in all generations for me, but my default is blues-based rock.

I teethed on Led Zeppelin, the Doors, and the 1960s rock library. My dad listened to music from the generation before. During a high school job at a now-closed Palos Heights restaurant, I was introduced to Ricky Nelson, the Everly Brothers and Gene Vincent. I've learned a little about jazz, blues and classical, and can listen to banjo music all day. I dig it all.

When I think of today's music, I know it isn't all bad. Taking Back Sunday is listenable. But, when it all comes down to it:

  • Gimme Bowie (genuine poetic rock)
  • Gimme Dylan (he ticked off a lot of people when he converted)
  • Gimme Jimi (we need a whole lot more Jimi and a lot less Britney Spears)
  • Gimme Satchmo (passion blew a horn)
  • Gimme Frank (you need more?)
  • Gimme Keaggy (now, lemme tell you, that's a guitar)
  • Gimme Talbot (not rock at all, but I like it)
  • Gimme Norman (white soul)
  • Gimme Mahalia (if you don't know, find out)
  • Gimme Tharp (before there was Christian rock, there was Sister Rosetta Tharp)

Each link is a YouTube video. Click around and have fun. What's your music path?

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