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Ciderman (Spiderman?) spoken word

Ciderman (Spiderman?)

Fans of the 1960s Spiderman cartoon will remember the theme. I don't sing. Tossed in a few cider-esque and appleish images. Have fun!

Ciderman, Ciderman.
Drinks all the cider that he can.
Sips a cup, any size.
Uses it to wash down pies.
Look out.
There goes the Ciderman.

Can he chug?
Listen, bud.
He's got apples in his blood.
Take a look in the aisle
Hey there,
There goes the Ciderman.

In the chill of his fridge
at the scene of his drink
Like a tasteful bridge
across from his sink.

Ciderman, Ciderman,
Friendly grocery store Ciderman
Beer and wine
He's ignored.
Fiber is his reward

To him, life is a great big juice bar
Wherever there's a fruit bar
You'll find the Ciderman.

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