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Nine Votes to 10,000: An Amazon Reviewer Hits a Milestone

In March of 2008, I reported I had 10,000 votes. Some of those were not positive. Almost 17%, as a matter of fact.

Now, over a year later, these are all my votes. These are for me. I am closing in on the big 10K. At this moment, I am at 9,991 votes. Nine to go. There is still that 17%, but the 82.x% equals 9,991.

It will be unnoticed mostly, except now by any of you reading this blog. Strange to have done this in a vacuum of sorts. This great adventure has garnered me free books and products, a lawsuit, and a nice batch of online friends I see periodically, themselves reviewers like me. A few new friends came through the authors and musicians themselves, those who saw that my response to what they had written is their view as well. Those friends are dear people now, with ideas I embrace or heartily disagree with, but all are bright and articulate, with colorful, intelligent personalities.

Reviewing now, all these years after I started, is more difficult. I take more time choosing what to review, and then, in the writing of the review. Other things fight for my time now, and my reading/reviewing pace has dropped.

The professional reviewing community is undecided about us. Some love the average man's views, and others prefer that only elites write reviews. A modern, water down Jim Crow thing. We who review as I do largely ignore it all.

What choice have we got? We aren't spending our days in tall New York towers cranking out high priced reviews for book review magazines that sit unread in libraries. A few of us send review to the local newspaper or, as I do, post them on a blog or website, but, on the whole, we make no money from it.

Click through the link below, and read a few. Read hundreds if you have the time. Let me encourage you to vote, and vote often. These times in America need more people hitting the polls. And, thanks for indulging me.

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