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Weight Loss Campaign 2009: Dropping 15 Pounds

Have you seen me? I have added 31% to my college weight. Gained 32 lbs. Gained more, but lost some, leaving me today at 140 lbs., looking to lose 15 lbs.

This issue has been discussed in my running blog, but it involves all of my life. Weight loss is a new thing to me, and my expectations are that it will take two years to get there. My goal, however, is to lose five lbs by August 1, and all 15 by May 1. This is not something I can control outside of eating smarter and exercising more, but it is vaguely reasonable to think it could happen.

Why 15?n Isn't 125 too thin? No. I'm a thin guy with a fatty exterior. When at my fittest, I was 107 lbs. Most of what I have gained is fat. I needed some of that fat, but not all. 125 is an arbitrary number, but one that makes sense.

Good friend David Dane, passionate about many things, is determined to lose weight. He has seen success, yet the struggle continues as his desire for sweets often gets the better of him (as he describes in his weight loss blog). Other friends have gotten on the Weight Watchers bandwagon, but all have quit, unwilling to commit long-term to the discipline. The wife of one friend has returned to it recently with vigor, and is seeing results.

I'm no a WW guy. While I appreciate the concept, I know I will not keep records of what I eat. Instead, I need to follow the principle.

David's principle is 'Eat less food.' This equals fewer calories. He isn't too worried about what he eats, only how much. I get that, but don't fully agree. Different foods affect us differently. I'm doing what I can to knock out processed sugar.

WW is about less food, but wants the eater to watch which foods are going down the hatch. I get this completely, but am too picky of an eater to follow this plan.

Forget anti-carb and anti-meat diets. Too much controversy, and long-term, steak needs to be on my plate next to the spaghetti. I'm reducing red meat, and watching my total pasta quantity for now. Portion control.

Water intake is increasing too. That's just good sense. Will it help me lose weight? No idea. It can't hurt.

David is newly on the running plan, trying to get in a couple miles a few times a week. Eventually, if his knees hold out, he should notice improvement, but so far, just recognizes pain.

I'm running too. After a long layoff, I am inching my miles up. I am hoping to get my mileage up to 50 miles a week, but am at 20/week now. With 50, I'll be burning something like 5,000 calories each week, which alone will drop a few lbs.

What will happen? Got me. Do the right things, and right things will result. That's not about karma, but about cause:effect. Eat right, exercise right, and, eventually, my body will accept this. Simple as that.
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