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Why I Do Not Want a Government Run Health Care Insurance System

Why I Do Not Want a Government Run Health Care Insurance System?



  • The billions of dollars, you ask? That is, the billions of dollars not already part of our debt?
  • The famed inefficiencies and corruptions that happen in government?
  • My personal expectation that abortion will be funded for more than life of mother situations?
  • My personal expectation that this is giving the government more power and invasion into my life than I want?
  • My personal expectation that we will shift from the corporate and broken free-market version of health care to a government and broken socialistic version?

I do not trust the government to handle this. Already, schemers are looking for potential loopholes.

I do not think President Obama has a true pulse on what America wants. Lots of Americans want this. Many do not. Obama has demonstrated he cannot build bridges in this issue, but instead, has created a polarized discussion.

Meanwhile, we have a war in Iraq still unresolved. It is not in the news, but soldiers are fighting hard. Now, any who die are on Obama's watch. He is not able to fight two fronts, and he has chosen health care as his issue.

What about our messed up corporate insurance? Corporate is the new profanity, so please forgive my intrusion into the delicate ears of naive readers. One massive issue with the current situation is size. Under a government run plan, any plan, things will get bigger. Essentially, we get the same thing, same problems. Corporation by election.

Remember (no, I suppose you don't, since neither do I) when neighbors helped each other? Real help. Gave the neighbor $1,000 to pay for car trouble. How about you? Helping out?

What if all the money we are about to be taxed was saved up in a special savings account. Only you can access it, just like any account. This money is your "help my neighbor fund." See a neighbor in trouble? Dip into the fund. Don't have enough? Talk to another neighbor, get him involved.

If enough neighbors did this willfully, we might just not need Obama to tag my pocketbook.

Churches have deacons funds. They might call itself something else, but most churches have these. It helps people with emergency needs. This is above and beyond what churches already give to local homeless shelters, battered women's shelter, pregnancy help centers, food pantries, and other outreach efforts. Sometimes that money goes to help health emergencies.

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