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Who Is Your Fezziwig? A Call for Responses from You, the Reader

We all need a Fezziwig in our life.

I recently posted that as my Twitter/Facebook status.

For those who might not catch the reference: In Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol," Scrooge was thankful for Fezziwig in his life. Fezziwig had, as an employer of Scrooge, the power to make his life happy or a pain, and chose to be kind. When Scrooge remembered him, thanks to the ghost of Christmas past, Fezziwig served as a catalyst for his reformation of character.

It is so easy to remember the jerks. They make better stories when we talk to friends. "My boss is a jerk. Let me tell you what he did," has more color than, "My boss is so kind. Let me tell you what he did." Or, it could sadly be that there are fewer good bosses to talk about. We live in a complaining society, one which loves to wallow in bitter disregard for each other. There are many, many good people who look at life more hopefully, or who encourage us.

I have had several in my life. Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap at Dunlap's Restaurant in Palos Heights, my first job in high school. I was a dishwasher and busboy. Very kind. They gave me all the hours I could handle when I needed money. Several people (Nikki Daniels, Jon Keith and Gene Frost) I answered to directly or indirectly at Wheaton Academy, where I was recently their Director of Communications. They each worked to allow me to flex my creative muscles. Steve Wilkin, who I wrote and did layout for HTML newsletters at United Airlines. He patiently taught me HTML tricks. There are others. It is worth mulling over.

Who are yours?



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A Christmas Carol

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