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Early Life on a Donkey

Jesus Christ Was Sent to Adoption Agency?

Christmas is coming, when Christians and non Christian people celebrate the traditional birth of Jesus Christ. Christians see it as a sacred day, and others see it as anything from a nice day of work to a thoughtful secular holiday.

What if the Department of Children and Family Services intervened first?

Jesus was born in a stable to unmarried parents. You've heard the sermon pointing out how scandalous this was.

Every child should be a wanted child, says Planned Parenthood, and Joseph did not want to be a dad, and Mary was scared. Thankfully, an angel stepped in and didn't let the local back alley abortionist kill Christ.

Not much money was available. The stable was not the Marriot. Joseph and Mary could have arrived earlier with more money and time to secure a nice room. For whatever reason, they didn't. Perhaps they couldn't. At any rate, this put stress on their upcoming marriage.

The return trip home involved life on a donkey. To think of it, so did Jesus' final trip back, but that's another story. But, in the beginning, this beginning, things were bouncy on a donkey's back. Not very PETA-friendly.

Donkeys bray, stink, and can be persnickety. Slow-going ride. Not much back support in the vehicle. Upholstery can be scratchy. The AC has much to be desired, and Galilee radio stations don't come in. If radio was invented, it still wouldn't work. Miles per bushel of hay? Not sure, but the carbon footprint has much to be desired, unless you are a horsefly.
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