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Familiar Freshness - Old Becomes New While Remaining Old

Does familiarity breed contempt? Only if you let it.

Doug, a former colleague, who also lives in the west Chicago burbs as I do, told me to never let the familiarity of the city steal the awe. That is, as cool as it was walking on Washington and Michigan Avenue, after several years it loses a certain awe-factor, but he encouraged me to try to see it always. Look up, be impressed with the big buildings. See the river, the bridges and the people. It is amazing.

The Loop isn't mundane.  When I visited Budapest, Hungary, I was stunned, seeing how short the city was, yet a fully established city. Mundane? No, no. Far from it, but if you grew up there, you might find how easy it is to be blind.

That's what Doug encouraged me to never let happen. Be blown away by every moment, no matter how common. It still does become ordinary. Can't really help that. But, every so often, and more now since I no longer go as often, I see it, and see the buildings I have worked in, or interviewed in, and my jaw drops at the incredulity of it all in the midst of it being completely real.
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