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IPad in a Kindle World?

No, it isn't yet a Kindle world. Not at my home. Still reading old fashioned books here in good ol' Wheaton, Illinois. I've seen the Kindle, and I want one, but am waiting until they get the bugs out, the features in and the cost down.

Roughly translated, I can't afford one.

Now, the new kid on the block is iPad. Apple is cranking these out, and maybe it will be to books what the iPod was to CDs. Ipad blogs are popping up all over.

Like the Kindle, it is an e-reader, and like the Kindle, I can't afford it. It is just as well. One or the other will lead the pack, and I want the leader, not the wannabe.

So far, it is not clear to me how these are not much more than software on a funky, keyboard-less laptop, a repackaged PDF with some cool features. Sure, it is focused on books, periodicals and the like (and I do like), why not converge it all? Get this all on my laptop. With the iPhone features. I already have iTunes there, and reading plenty on it. Software is software, and I'll already have more hardware firepower. Shrink my laptop, provide a snap-off keyboard, and viola! An e-reader.
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