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Hotlips from MASH Predicts Illinois Earthquake

At 4:00 am, I awoke to a 3.8 earthquake. Rare in Illinois. So rare, I didn't consider it a possibility.

I was sure something hit our building hard. Nothing was broken - all pictures remained on the wall, and all dishes remained unshattered, but it was like a huge thump both directly to my bed (which is really heavy) and to the building. I figured it was a snowplow, looked, saw that no snow had been removed (lots of snow yesterday), was confused, but decided it was since I was groggy, and just before dawn, so what did I know?

I went back to sleep.

Notice the snow in the picture on the right. That's my back deck, and all that snow came yesterday. What you don't see (as pointed out astutely by Steven Knoerr) is snow on the trees. Click on the picture for a closer look. It might be that the earthquake jolted the snow on the upper branches just enough. The larger, lower branches have some, but, even then, not much given how much we received.

Loretta Swit (Hotlips Houlihan from MASH) sings on The Muppet Show - I Feel the Earth Move.
She knew way back then what would be our future. I didn't see a big fuzzy monster, but I didn't not see one either. It was 4:00, remember? Dark outside. I'm not willing to say that's not what really happened. After all, how many genuine, proper earthquakes do we experience in Chicago's western suburbs?

A Carole King live version
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