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Man of a Thousand Voices on the Radio

I'm on the radio now for occasional pieces. You might have seen the widget on the left. I signed on with BlogTalk Radio to perform and read a range of works. Different styles and voices, from a tinny 1950s AM radio to a Chicago-ized accent (with accompanying attitude), looking at things as diverse as pizza, the 8-5 grind and the modest beauty of small town living. Four shows are up, 3-8 minutes each. Whenever you visit my blog, look for the radio widget to see if there's something new. I'd love to hear your opinion.

Anthony Trendl is a poet and writer living and working in the Chicago area, best known for his Amazon book reviews and Hungarian bookstore. As a storyteller, Trendl has performed across central Illinois, and recently has been doing spoken word poetry performances in Chicagoland. His poetry can occasionally be seen in Decision Magazine, and articles and public relations writing have been published in periodicals and newspapers across the United States. He has written speeches for leaders of Fortune 500s to inspire employees to succeed, always with a storyteller's flair. See http://anthonytrendl.blogspot.com/ http://anthonytrendl.com/

Slightly smoky, gravely, Chicago styled writer Anthony Trendl presents his work, looking at life from the underside, seeing what others often miss. Imagine Studs Terkel meets Erma Bombeck meets NPR, tweaked with a little Garrison Keillor. He tackles books, sociology, running, and even theology. As a big fan of the Beat movement, jazz and dead American poets, you will hear their influence in his work.
  • Love Song for Charlie Parker - Jazz/Poetry Performance
    Looking at the difficulty of modern life and culture through a spoken word performance. Influenced by the Beat Movement, Jack Kerouac, post-modern despair and the audacity of hope. Charlie Parker's piece "Orinthology" provides the background. A brief introduction on the Beat Movement followed by an avant garde poetry reading.
  • Matching Pop With Sausage Pizza: Pepsi is the Best Choice
    In Chicago, pizza matters. We take it seriously. While we did not invent pizza, we perfected it. After many years of sampling, it turns out Pepsi is what goes with a good sausage pizza. Listen and learn why.
  • Morning in Suburbia, Morning in the World
    One morning last summer, when there was no snow, and a friendlier sun, I awoke early and thought about what was around me. It was not the drab beige life of minivans and soccer moms. The Midwest has more than that to love, but can be missed if we forget to see the life we live for what it is. 
  • Visions of a Snowy Morning: Workaday Joes Filing By My Window One-by-One
    An essay looking at my hardworking neighbors en route to their next stop in their commute. It is both lonely and hopeful, as they trudge on a gray day looking forward to better days.
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