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683 Classical Songs and the Numa Numa Kid

Met a man today about a horse, and, as his organization is focused on promoting sacred music, I wondered how much of my iPod music is dedicated to classical. Apparently, a lot. Or, a lot from the perspective I heard very little of it growing up.

We weren't a musical family. My mom listened to talk radio. My dad never really played the radio except to hear the weather.

My brother and I did listen to WLS until FM happened to take hold, then WLUP, WXRT and others like them. In college, I decided I needed to expose myself to classical music, and started buying things almost randomly.

The category is iTunes' designation. And, as anyone with a fair number of songs knows, those categories can be misleading. Gospel and Religious, for example, includes lots of rock and pop.

What was my recent download? Dragostea Din Tei (Original Romanian Version). Huh? You know it. It was made blazingly famous by a kid lip syncing it, known as Numa Numa. It must be great to run to if a teen can extract that much energy from it. See video below, so onto my running playlist it goes. (my running adventures are blogged here)

Alternative & Punk 65
Blues 251
Books and Spoken Word 87
Children's Music 141
Christian & Gospel 1
Classical 683
Country 92
Dance 2
Easy Listening 50
Electronic 4
Electronica/Dance 19
Folk 358
Folklore 1
Gospel and Religious 1313
Holiday 71
Jazz 165
Keyboard 14
New Age 28
Pop 323
R&B 89
Religious 1
Rock 568
Singer/Songwriter 1
Soundtrack 320
Vocal 1
World 156
Uncategorized 77

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