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Fear is Excellent Strategy - Everyone Is Doing It (But Shouldn't Be)

An article in Salon (Republican Party's 2010 fundraising strategy: fear
Leaked document gives look into way RNC thinks of its donors; what's revealed isn't pretty.) looks at a disgusting process of fundraising. Nasty, damning stuff. As they say, it "isn't pretty."

It is easy to poke at the Republican Party for this. They deserve it. However, if any reader thinks they are lonely in this strategy, think again, before you can say "teabaggers."

My thoughts as posted at Salon:

Fear is Excellent Strategy
Reagan used our Cold War fear to win. Clinton used our fear of a failing economy. George W Bush used our fear of terrorism. Barack Obama successfully used fear of world backlash, the impact of continued war, and of whatever Bush represented to Democrats.

Each presented their campaigns to their followers as 'hope' but the hope was that the dreadful something (big enemy, status quo) would be avoided. Each demonized either the candidate or the candidates followers through name calling or categories ('Shrub', 'liberals', 'fundies' 'neocons' 'socialist' etc.)

As a successful strategy, the history is strong. While it is hardly an honorable strategy, the RNC isn't the only party to employ this wickedness.
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