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Health Care Fiasco Creates Cubs World Series Scenario

1908 Chicago Cubs World Series Champions 11" x 13" Plaque from Healy ProObama Care. It is now the law of the land. I am unconcerned. I have heard sweeping charges that it will be the downfall of humanity, enter us into Armageddon, and open the door to a Cubs World Series. Hell will not freeze over. I don't care what your Republican friend says. Of course, I didn't care what your Democratic friend said about how Americans have an inalienable right to health care either.

That said, it isn't my idea.

I don't begrudge those who want it. Why wouldn't they? If I hurt myself, I will do my best to get the care I need. If I have a child whose health needs are costlier than I can afford, I do whatever's necessary to help him. If it takes money from my neighbor to do it, and the government makes this legal, I would do it.

It is, as I see it, a result of the failure of churches to care for the orphan and widow, the hungry and the homeless. The door to bad decisions is left open when Christians do not act.

Government was not the solution, yet it is trying to be. Why? Because people want it to solve the problem. As we move from Big Corporate dominating our health care choices with their so-called death panels, we will now endure Big Government doing the same.

Now, conservatives' outcry is to have Big Government solve Big Government's problem of health care. Same as the liberals, pretending to call it fixing the problem. Both camps want aspiritual solutions and calling it deemed from God. John McCain and Sarah Palin are campaigning to have that the law can be repealed.

Laws for or against abortion have not stopped a mother's malice against her unborn child. Churches are again the solution. Help the father, the mother, before the decision to have a child (or unwittingly, through teen passion) is conceived stop their action. Not through fear, but love. Help the same couple, and child, throughout pregnancy. Help still longer after the baby is born, and as long as necessary.

Sure, bad laws need repealing. Abortion need outlawing. But when the Christian fails to act with mercy, the government will step in. Caesar will get his.

Now what? Work hard, help those who need help. What needs to be done hasn't changed.
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