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National Health Care - I'm Against It

National Health Care. I'm against it. Simple as that.

Will I bow to the guilt trip that comes when friends ask, "Would you deny me health care?" That question is faulty, and structured as a lie. I'm not denying anyone health care. I might, if I can, personally help pay for whatever they need, but I do not want the government involved in the process.

I believe it is counter to a free market society and capitalism. I do not believe that health care is a fundamental right. 

I've seen it go wrong in Hungary. Bribes get the job done there. The problem remains: the rich get the best care, everyone else goes to the clinic. 

The solution? I don't know. I do know a bad idea does not solve a problem. I hope churches are responding to this, knowing they are part of the solution. I think mine is. We has an entire sermon on this on Sunday. The Book of Acts and James and others get down to business in addressing this from a non-political perspective. 

Well-read friends will be in an uproar, I suppose. They might think that my only reason is because President Obama wants to include baby abortions in his bill. That's a horrible thing, but my reason is at a higher level than government-paid pre-birth infanticide.

Yes, yes, I know the government pays for some health care already. I don't like that either.

If the bill goes through in any form against my liking, I'll vote for whomever did not support it.
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