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Cinco de Mayo (Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe)

Welcome, You've Got Mayo! A Mayonnaise Recipe and Other Mayos

Had AOL been a sandwich maker, their marketing efforts may have sounded quite similar. They aren't and so we know the more familiar You've Got Mail, based on the Ernst Lubitsch directed Jimmy Stewart movie, The Shop Around the Corner.

George Bush Ketchup?
W Ketchup, Bottle, 24 fl ozNot all mayo is a replacement for ketchup (or do you write catsup?). Hot now is the politically flavored W Ketchup, to seduce Republicans hoping to avoid indirect donations to the John Kerry campaign. Everyone knows Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz-Kerry, whose first marriage was the late heir to the Heinz 57 fortune. See wketchup.com for more information, or heinz.com to learn what's behind the ketchup in question. This guide is about mayo, not ketchup, and not nearly as political as a popular hamburger condiment. If political talk is more your thing, see The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty.

Mayo, Mayo, Mayo
However, in the course of considering that interesting turn of phrase, I wondered what could be learned and known about mayonnaise, sandwiches and things related to it all.

To start if, I searched the internet. There are some questionable sites who use the product for reasons I won't mention here.

Remember, Cinco de Mayo is about the Fifth of May, a Mexican holiday. It does not mean, "Making mayo is a cinch."

The Latino Holiday Book: From Cinco De Mayo to Dia De Los Muertos : The Celebrations and Traditions of Hispanic-Americans

Then, there are the commercial sites. Mayo is actually a site managed by Hellmanns. Don't dismiss it entirely. They have recipes in English and Spanish (our Cinco de Mayo fans will be pleased). Hellmann's, as most Americans will know, is the best known of the mayo brands. Hellmann's, for you business watchers, is the same as Bestfoods.

(for a terribly academic digital book on mayonnaise, The 2003-2008 World Outlook for Mayonnaise).

Mayo Clinic Family Health BookMayo Clinic isn't a place to learn spreading techniques. It is a very serious college of medicine in Minnesota. They do research and make discoveries that are helping people across the world.
Mayo Clinic Family Health Book
The County Mayo, in Ireland, is more green than white. If your mayonnaise is green, then you've got to examine the efficacy of your storage technique.
Incredibly Indispensable Irish Web Directory

Bill Clinton, our famous deli visiting president, may have enjoyed a thick dollop of mayonnaise on his storied sandwiches. All too Human.

We know Dagwood Bumstead, creator of immense sandwiches, loaded on the white stuff. His wife created a cookbook with help from comic strip writer Chic Young, Blondie's Cookbook.

As you ponder the palate of Dagwood, tune in your CD player to John Mayall. Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton. His name sounds close enough to 'mayo' for this writer. It harkens back to when Eric Clapton played serious blues and was not a pop-bluesman looking for his next MTV gig. As students of serious entertainment, remember Whitman Mayo, better known as Grady Wilson on Sanford and Son.
To make mayo, the kind used on many sandwiches, follow this recipe:
Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

2 (two) yolks of eggs
1/8 (one eighth) teaspoon salt
1-1/2 (one and one half) cups vegetable oil
About 4 (four) tablespoons lemon juice

1) The eggs yolks go into a small bowl.

2) Add a half teaspoon of the lemon juice and the salt. Mix well.

3) Stirring constantly radually add the oil, a small amount at a time. As you go, add the oil more quickly.

4) Keep stirring.

5) As the mixture thickens, you'll thin it with small amounts of lemon juice, and then oil, and then lemon juice until you've used it all.

By now, it should look like mayonnaise. Use as you would the store bought kind.

You should use the mayo right away. If not, store in the fridge.

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