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The Joy of a State Killing a Criminal

There is no joy in killing. Or, there shouldn't be.

Family members, Mandi Hull, and Barb Webb (the two rightmost in the picture) of a shooting victim, George 'Nick' Kirk, smile and cheer when Ronnie Lee Gardner's death sentence was denied commutation. Keep in mind that though Kirk was shot, he did not die. True, Michael Burdell, another victim did die, but Hull and Webb are finding joy just the same that five unnamed men will fire bullets into Garder's body until he is dead.

This is serious, somber stuff. Whatever a person's position is on the death penalty, a sober heart must be held. Whether it is justice, revenge, or closure, a human being is going to be tied to a chair and riddled with bullets.

I am not in any way suggesting Gardener is an innocent man. But the smile on Mandi Hull's face, and the Tiger Woods' pumped arms grin "Yes!" is appalling and disgraceful. Their attitude is equal, in my opinion, to any greedy killer.

Do we disrespect life that much? We abort our children, shoot our criminals, and send our soldiers into wars based on money. Then, if they live long enough, we turn our head if euthanasia is a supposed merciful solution.

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