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Storm in the Western Suburbs on a Friday Afternoon

Friday, June 18, 2010
3:50 pm

Wheaton, IL -- Dark, bellowing clouds rolled in from the west, overtaking the last vestiges of blue sky. At first, no noise. Then the rush of wind pushing Friday afternoon away. 

Only moments passed while the storm divided those with electricity and those without. Alternating its decision, the lights flicked here, then off, and now on. 

My Twitter feed clambered with messages of woe: Power off at a major publisher. Streetlights not working. Too dark to drive

It can't be a tornado, can it? We don't do tornados here. Do we?

Crunches of thunder disturbed the lowing of the wind, and lightening matched the indecisiveness of my lamps. Like strobe lights a few miles away, I saw God's power meted out carefully. He has more than this, I thought. He does. He held back.

Still, no rain?

Pomp and circumstance. That's all this is. Just evening coming early with a little sizzle in the air.

Then the water came.

And the water came.

And more.

The temperature dropped from 91°F to 71°F. Trees leaned hoping to tolerate the wind. Branches fell anyway. Not many. Just the ones not shorn by storms earlier this week.

And it was done. Water now drips from my roof. The sun gave up, and thunder still has the weak sound of an upstairs neighbor taking off shoes on a wood floor.

It is over.

It isn't even time for the 5:00 pm news.
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