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We Didn't Get LeBron James

Michael Jordan (Wings, Door) Sports Poster Print - 70x22

Chicago had a shot, so we were excited. It is hard to explain how important sports are here. When a team is winning, the city gets behind them 100%. When they aren't, 110%. Otherwise, all we have is political corruption to talk about.

The Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985. It is a sacred year. Mention '1985' to a local, especially (but by no means exclusively) a guy, and he might tear up, then start in on a story.

The Bulls. The response to the team's name is not about the mediocre recent years but the 1990s and Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman.

The Cubs. The billy goat curse. Steve Bartman. The ivy. Never a winner, but always sold out.

Harry Caray.


The White Sox. Less storied, but they have a World Series victory.

The Black Hawks. 2010. Heroes of the moment, full of real fans and bandwagoned fans. The gas station near my home still sells Hawks gear in a kiosk in the grass.

LeBron James was not a savior, but a potential Chicago legend. Now, all he will be is a star for the Miami Heat. Not a bad gig, but not a legend in the making.

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