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Anne Rice in Shock People Are Talking About Her Quitting Christianity

Christ the Lord: The Road to CanaMore on the Anne Rice "I quit being a Christian," soap opera. Here, on Facebook, she links to an LA Times article. I can only wonder if she is naive.  It would explain here ignorance of the good things happening in and through churches. How she sheltered herself from all of that, and apparently, they expectation anyone would respond to her very public declaration escapes me. Either that, or she is playing liberal and conservative Christian.

I am in a bit of a state of shock. When I publicly walked away from Christianity in the name of Christ, I had no idea so many people would find this gesture worthy of a response. I am still not entirely certain why the story "has traction." But indeed it does.
My response found somewhere in her comments (over 500 comments preceded me):
Anne, what you stated is vogue, no matter how sincere your position and decision are. People love to 'bash' religion, so of course when someone as known as yourself, especially someone who so publicly joined/rejoined a church, and especially even more when that someone spent much of her Facebook time posting problems she has with that particular church -- when that person declares she is quitting that same church -- oh, those hapless fish caught in the barrel with be talked about as they are shot.
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