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Does Kindle Matter?

The iPad, Nook, Kindle or any of the other e-readers are changing reading patterns. Some people lament at the loss of the classic book.

If the object is the point, the content of the object is less important. Originally, we told tales, no book. A book, to a degree, ruined that. We have professional storytellers, but, day-to-day, all is scripted (like Garrison Keillor) or printed. Print allows for longer tales (like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), with returning motifs, symbols, and slower contemplation of layered stories, but we have relegated storytelling to campfires and short dinner table vignettes.

Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)The book, originally, like for Gutenberg, was merely a tool to retain truth. It was the package, not the point. The point, for him, was to provide freely God's Word. If we dwell so much on the packaging of tales and truth, we have lost something.

Beautiful books exist, and the medium of a bookshelf has much value, but it is, ultimately, for me, not why I buy a book.

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