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My New Chicago Tribune TribLocal Column: The Red Bandana: Finding Fitness Through Running As Told By An Out Of Shape 40-something Guy

Any average runners out there plugging along? A few ups and downs, trying to stay fit, but falling in and out of commitment? I've started a new column with the Chicago Tribune's Wheaton, IL edition looking at my experience with this.

Things I will look at aren't so much how to be a better runner. As I can, I'll refer to runners and coaches far more experienced than myself who can address that. From time to time, I will profile runners local to Wheaton (a suburb west of Chicago). Mostly, though, it will be about the joy of running, with an honest look at the struggles. My own situation has been filled with on-again, off-again times working out regularly, and I know I am not the only one.

It is called "The Red Bandana" because that's what I traditionally wear when I run, whether indoors or out. It started when I was in high school. My hair was longer, and I thought I looked cool. Not as cool looking as I thought, as I gave off that "I'm stoned" look, despite never having even smoked a cigarette.

Now, that bandana soaks up the blood, sweat and tears of a guy who could stand to lose 15 pounds. Mostly just sweat, but no fashion statements are made.

In the first column, I introduce you to my couch. We are breaking up, and it is hard. I'm overweight. The numbers might not indicate it, but I'm soft, with a gut. I contend so are you. If running's your thing, and you find the temptations of the couch a little stronger than they should be, check out my column.

Or, if you love running (and run farther than I ever will), and want to share the joy of exploring the Illinois Prairie Path, treadmills, and the people I meet along the way, click through and join me.

Together, we can taste the fresh scent of spring, swat a few mosquitoes, and limp through a couple miles.

The Red Bandana: Finding Fitness Through Running As Told By An Out Of Shape 40-something Guyhttp://triblocal.com/Wheaton/detail/207217.html

Others will be posted here as I go along.
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