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Altec Lansing MZX206 MUZX Headphones reviewed: Nice, But Not For Running

Altec Lansing MZX206 MUZX Headphones with Mic and call functionWearing now the Altec Lansing MZX206 MUZX Headphones, I am listening to Bjork singing Headphones from her 1995 album, Post. It seemed apropos.

The short of it: Much better sound than the headphones which came with my iPod. However, they keep falling out of my ears. Despite the three different sizes Altec provided, not one will stay easily. If I move, and the cord tugs even the smallest amount, the pull out. This is tolerable at my desk, but only then.

Since the major attraction of headphones for me is to use them as I run, I am disappointed. I will use them at home, but not likely elsewhere.

Anthony Trendl
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