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On Mayor Richard M. Daley's Abdication of His Throne

Levels of Discovery His Majesty's Throne Potty ChairRichard M. Daley is not dead, but eulogies will begin.

My folks were southsiders, and I grew up just south of the southside. My mom was Irish, grew up a few blocks from him, plus that I grew up Catholic -- Daleys were practically icons in our home. I'm not a Chicagoan, so am ambivalent, but, still -- wow.

I remember Washington, Byrne, Bilandic, Sawyer, but Chicago has been a Daley city all along. They just kept the seat warm until he decided to run.

When Daley the Elder, Richard J. Daley  died in 1976, I remember the event. My brother, just 16, biked to see the funeral. Or he planned to. Our family talked about it all week.

When Junior picked up the job, all was well.  Even if someone disagreed with his actual politics, he was Irish Catholic, a Democrat, and that was enough.

I have grown beyond the matter of my politics being just a mirror of my family and neighbors, and choose candidates from various parties.

Chicago politics was, and remains, a corrupt system. It gave us Barack Obama for a short stint in the Senate, Rod Blagojevich, and Lisa Madigan, and Michael Madigan.
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