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Word:Word Word Association Game Facebook Blitz: September 29, Noon (CST)

Word:Word is hosting a blitz. Same game, but everyone plays at the same time. 12:00 pm (noon) Central Standard Time.

The rules are the same. When ready to post, refresh your screen (that's the F5 button for those of you with Windows). Why? Just in case someone else snuck in with a word before you.

Take a lunch or dinner break, and get in on the speedy action. Our Californian and European friends can play virtually side-by-side. Open your chat, and say hi to one another. (You must be Facebook friends in order to connect via chat.)

Be sure to look at the other games under the discussion tab.

See you online tomorrow. Play here. Or, RSVP (no need to, but it might help you remember).

See the article about the game in the Chicogo Tribune's TribLocal:
Play With Your Words, Please: Facebook Group "Word:Word" Draws Word Game Fans From Across the Globe
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