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Digg and the Problem With Palinian-Obaminian Politics

Newsweek (1-year auto-renewal)Newsweek says, ‘Stunning the Halibut’ If the Democrats think things are bad now, wait until Sarah Palin grabs them by their bleeding hearts.

Weird, but true, I think. Newsweek's bias, if quite conservative, does not change the reality of the question of Sarah Palin, and why Obama supporters need to stop giggling and start thinking about what to do. The more, for example, they focus on Bristol Palin's Dancing With the Stars, the more likely they are to hand over the White House.

I am not saying I think Palin will win nor am I likely to vote for her, but, as I have been saying since 2008, she will heavily influence the 2012 election. However, I thought Democrats would quit snickering and respond with better ideas.

No matter what Democrats are saying about Palin, 2008 was their opportunity. The wave of optimism could not have been higher. Palin might snag the election, but it won't be because she charged in there. It will be because Democrats are blowing it when it comes to bipartisan negotiating. Palin is hardly a bipartisan politician, but I think a lot of America thought Obama would do what Bush did not: work across the aisle. Just as Obama was elected on a wave of antiBush attitudes, Palin might be elected on antiObama attitudes. It won't be the hate that Bush suffered, but more of a disappointment.

One argument, a weak one, is about Republican stonewalling. With the November election results, they can, but up until now, they couldn't. Try to stop Obama's initiatives? Absolutely. A true leader needs to work through this; Democrats were hardly naive to the task before them. Bush blew his opportunity in the midst of Democrat opposition, and Obama is tossing it away in the face of Republican opposition.

Democrat leadership has been failing to convince the middle roaders who support Palin to continue supporting Obama. This not because of Palin's prowess, but because of voter dissatisfaction.

I'm not Republican nor Democrat, and am no more impressed with Palin as a candidate than I was with Obama. Both have impressed as media magnets. While Palin has had gaffes that would cause Joe Biden to cringe, she has landed well despite this. Somehow, even though the world warned Obama's supporters to not expect every promise, for some reason, they believed him.

I took a look at Digg, where I saw this article. Lots of name calling. One guy, Cory, bragged about how he move to Canada if she wins. Clearly, not a bright man, he misses the point of the article. Essentially, it is about public opinion, voter awareness (including Democrats), and how voters do not realize what's going in Washington. While Cory might be facing immigration issues this time in two years, his vigor is akin to Rush Limbaugh who made a similar threat if Obama was elected. Limbaugh's still here.

I think many in the Digg community believes if they -1 Digg a poster, Palin will go away. That attitude is one reason Palin is gaining supporters. Instead of presenting a liberal more attractive to voters, we see ad hominem internet chatter.

Things will change. If they don't, Democrats will have egg on their face having lost to who they consider a fool. When Reagan won, everyone would could say he was an amazing campaigner. Same thing with Clinton. Of Palin, Democrats aren't saying this, but to lose to a fool is about the worst thing that can happen, isn't it? Obama is no fool, but he better be sure his campaign staff is brilliant.

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