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Is God Dead? Nietzsche, Christianity, Religion, Melville, and More

Fascinating article recently in the New York Times regarding the role of religion and how society views people of faith.

See the snippet, but read the entire article. Pro and cons nihilism are explored, as is secularism, relativism (cultural and philosophical), while asking what is a believer vs a fantatic?

Navigating Past Nihilism

"...For today’s religious believers feel strong social pressure to admit that someone who doesn’t share their religious belief might nevertheless be living a life worthy of their admiration. That is not to say that every religious believer accepts this constraint. But to the extent that they do not, then society now rightly condemns them as dangerous religious fanatics rather than sanctioning them as scions of the Church or mosque. God is dead, therefore, in a very particular sense. He no longer plays his traditional social role of organizing us around a commitment to a single right way to live. Nihilism is one state a culture may reach when it no longer has a unique and agreed upon social ground."

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