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Mark Madoff Died a Coward

Bernard Madoff's son, Mark, hung himself. Killed himself with a dog leash.

I know nothing about Madoff's son, and must confess I do not understand the crime Madoff himself has been found guilty of.

What I do know is Mark Madoff sent his wife an e-mail and said,  "I love you."

Sorry, Mark Madoff, you are dead, and a coward, and killing yourself was not an act of love. You did not have the guts to fight, or were too tired to fight the things you are accused of. If you were innocent, then your accusers won. If you are guilty, your cowardess is that much more acute.

You killed yourself, Mark. That is always the coward's way out. No matter how awful the pain, you have those around you to blame themselves, your daughter will grow up probably requiring therapy and not trusting men. You did this to her.
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