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Reviewing a Facebook Essay: Que Sera Sera

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I was asked to consider a friend's son's essay, so I clicked the link. Then, I read. So, I thought, and considered, as requested.

That is well-written, but I give it only 4/5 stars. I know immediately the thesis, clarified further by the second sentence. It offers three possibilities, but ultimately, gives no true cause. 

It begins to address availability. This leaves the reader immediately stunned yet compelled to read onward. Why? What is missing? 

Reiterating the availability, the reader is left to reasonably presume there was content that may have been there, but displaying it isn't possible. Where is it? Floating eternally? 

Que Sera SeraQuestioning no longer, the reader believes he learns what may (or may not) have happened. Three possibilities are presented, and, many readers move on, satisfied, realizing that whatever will be, will be. 

Me? I'm still waiting to find out my opinion on what I was not able to see.

Que Sera Sera (song) 

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