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LiveAction: Second Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp's Underage Sex Ring

I am no fan of abortion, and no fan of sex trafficking. I'm no fan of Planned Parenthood either, and have been outspoken against them for 20 years. However, I hope this is not their MO. I doubt it is, as much as I hate abortion, I believe these staffers are an anomaly. What do you think?

What happened: Two people go in, presumably an admitted sex trafficker of young teenage girls and a sex worker. They ask questions about the process of being tested for STDs, and what is involved for young teens wanting abortions without parental consent. Given the PP is in VA, under VA's laws, the staffer points out the related constraints and the option of going to an adjacent state with what she calls "looser laws."

The sex trafficker is never specific, but speaks in hypotheticals. The PP staffer apparently is not legally obligated to report this. However, when such a girl actually comes in, the staffer may be obligated to report it under either rape or sex trafficking laws, depending on what the girl is actually requesting and her age.

I don't know what, as a business, PP should do. It may be that how things happened is proper procedure. It is obviously bad press on the surface, but if they fire the staffer for following published procedure, expect a lawsuit. PP hardly wants that. I have read a lot about how PP markets, and one thing they never do is enter situations without a plan. Few organizations are as media savvy as they are. McDonalds comes close.

What the sting, in my opinion, accomplished, was provide PP an opportunity to assert their stand. This, I expect, will be a fundraising bonanza for them. They immediately fired the manager of a PP in NJ: "When asked if the girls can get abortions, she replies that if they are under 15, they should go to an abortion clinic whose "protocols are not as strict as ours," and supplies the man, who remains off-camera, with the name and address of the clinic." (Time: http://healthland.time.com/2011/02/03/what-did-the-planned-parenthood-sting-really-accomplish)

It also provided talking points for both the prolife and prochoice communities. Questions will be asked and answered: how much government funding does PP get? For which services? Should they? Where else does PP acquire funds? Who really gets the money? How much money enters leadership pocket via high salaries?

In 2009, according to their 990 (a nonprofit tax return), the president/CEO of the PP of Southern NJ made $103,229. (I could not find the one in NJ). In Michigan Ave, things are more lucrative: Top eight salaries added up to $1,369,682: $362,220, $313,895, $120,324, $119,915, $116,748, $115,330, $111,525, $109,725. Additionally, they paid a legal consultant $333,226 and an auditor $158,758. Source: guidestar.org

Other questions both sides will engage in: What age is acceptable for not involving parents in abortion, whether through surgery or medication? What is an abortion? What are state vs federal limitations? Who allows abortion through partial birth and under what conditions? How many are the results of rape? How many of incest? Are there non-religious arguments against abortion? For abortion? What are the medical and psychotically risks?
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