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On Death and Taxes

Taxes I will not vote for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. His unwillingness to reject internet tax has lost him for me. He is playing politics as he says he wants to help brick-and-mortar retailers (a good thing), and thinks this is the way to do it. What would happen, though, is Amazon will pull out of Illinois for affiliates like myself, rendering my online income down to pretty much Google ad clicks.

The little guy like me cannot compete against the big businesses Quinn is acquiescing to.

The politics comes in that he was ready to sign for reason above, but then, people like me, as well as Amazon, clamored, and he held back. That's good, but he also hasn't rejected it. I think he is hoping it will go away. It won't. Read about this in the Chicago Tribune.

Quinn, in turn, is anti-death penalty. So much so, he will ban the state-sponsored killing in Illinois. Not just him, as our legislators are sending the bill his way, but without him, it would not happen.

What's in a ban? Simple: life. Crime will not change, appeals will still be drawn, and the public will shout "crucify, crucify." What will not happen is we will not have shadowy people pretending it is not killing, and, we will not, in this situation, kill officially as a state.

When I think of how many people cheered with the executions of John Wayne Gacy and Saddam Hussein, I remember hearing from some people, "I'm against the death penalty but..." It is like when people qualify their justification of abortion, "But the mother was raped..." When we look at death by human hand as something someone qualifies for, we play God. We call it, "But..." when all it is really is murder with the permission of our leaders.

read what Quinn is doing: Quinn expected to sign death penalty ban
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