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Verilux VT05FWW1 HappyLight 6000 review Great Lighting, But No Mood Change

The Verilux VT05FWW1 HappyLight 6000 has two aspects which intrigued me going into this. The first was its lighting capacity. The second was its claim to lift my spirit. It took no trouble to set up, and does not flicker as a fluorescent light sometimes can.

Did it light adequately? Yes, more than enough. I cannot say the lamp itself is especially attractive; it is not. I can say the light, however, is exceedingly brighter than expected. It is an excellent addition to my basement. I used in my office as well. Very portable.

Did it lift my spirits? While I love the idea of a lamp doing what the sun accomplishes in this regard, it did not. It might be that I am generally upbeat already. I don't know. All I know is I felt the same after uses the lamp many hours at a time while working as before. Throughout the Chicago winter I have used this light.

I hoped to experience "improving overall mood, energy and concentration," but I didn't.

Anthony Trendl
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