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Westboro Baptist Church: An Alternative

Gustav Klimt Tree of Life 24-by-36-Inch Art Poster Print
Rather than posting about Westboro Baptist Church's latest activities, what if we all just ignored them? (Which obviously I have not done.) No self-righteous rants on blogs about how bad they are, and how good we are for saying so. No more posts to news stories on Twitter reminding everyone they exist. No more links to those stories on Facebook that creates lots of discussion and publicity for them.

What if?

And, what if, instead, post about something good someone else is doing.
Ranting might ease some personal tension while indirectly promoting something you might despise, but it does nothing to make a better world.

Make the world a better place. It needs you. Step up.

Like what Todd Kelsey is doing: http://rgbgreen.org/ Their mission is to help people explore how they can play an active role in the ecosystem, by providing an introduction to recycling and renewable energy.

Your turn.

The image above: Gustav Klimt Tree of Life 24-by-36-Inch Art Poster Print ($2.99 at Amazon)
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