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Chicago Bulls Beats Indiana Pacers April 18 - The Swirsk Twitter Effect

Did Chuck Swirsky's Tweets twitter.com/swirsk054 impact the Bulls-Pacers game? The Great Swirsk is the Bulls announcer. And Tweets like crazy during the game. Impact the game? Maybe not. He is changing how a game is called.

As a Bulls fan, I am blogging here prophetically, really hoping they win. They should win, but this is why there are playoffs -- to separate 'should' from 'did.'

Anyway, on Twitter, Swirsk has no voice. Not the one he is famous for, that is. However, in Tweeting, he kept me into the game in real time, better than Google's sports update and NBA.com
Thanks, Chuck.
Here is how he finished the game:
  1. Bulls win 96-90 less than 20 seconds ago
  2. Bulls 94-90 with 0.9 sec left Rose at line 1 minute ago
  3. Deng with 2 fts 92-88 17.5sec left Indy ball 5 minutes ago
  4. Price 3 free throws Bulls 90-88 23.4 sec left 8 minutes ago
  5. Rose picks up his 4th foul 10 minutes ago
  6. Price fouled on the release will go to the line for 3--23.4 sec left Bulls up 5 11 minutes ago
  7. Bulls can't get the bucket Pacers ball...90-85 Bulls 34.5 sec 13 minutes ago
  8. Bulls inbound 4sec on clock 90-85 Bulls 38.9 left 15 minutes ago
  9. 90-85 Indy ball with 64sec left 17 minutes ago
  10. You are appreciated! 18 minutes ago
  11. Thanks for listening folks 18 minutes ago
  12. Korver's onions are big time 18 minutes ago
  13. Korver for 3---90-85 Bulls 64sec left 19 minutes ago
  14. 87-85 Bulls 120 left 20 minutes ago
  15. 226 left Bulls up 85-83 22 minutes ago
  16. Boozer- Hansbrough double techs 24 minutes ago
  17. Rose 83-78 Rose with a cross over 30-pts for the MVP 355 left 29 minutes ago
  18. Pacers with a quick double team on Rose taking the ball out of hands 33 minutes ago
  19. Look for Carlos to get some touches 35 minutes ago
  20. Boozer no fga's in 16min 36 minutes ago
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