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Five Ways to Fix Charlie Sheen's Live Tour

Charlie Sheen Winning Movie Poster - 13x19Charlie Sheen needs help. His show is floundering. Detroit hated him, but, Detroit itself is pretty messed up, so don't count them. Chicago was not thrilled about him, however, either. Help is on its way.

1) Have an opening band with a few major hits. By major, I mean bigger than #41 on the Billboard Charts. You need all the help you can get.

2) Be humble. This time next year, Sheen will be a has-been or a star. Arrogance will not make him a star.

3) Hire Conan O'Brien to write everything. He knows what it means to lose a show and still be interesting.

4) Have Steve Martin stand-in for Charlie Sheen. That would be funny. He is the original wild and crazy guy.

5) Do the first four, and a fifth change won't be necessary.
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