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Illinois Car License Plate: Hawks at Wildfire Restaurant

Illinois Car License Plate: Hawks - Seen outside Wildfire Restaurant in Schaumburg, IL April 22, 2011. It was in the valet waiting area, though there was more than enough parking within 20 feet. A big guy with a hoarse voice and a wife or girlfriend with lots of plastic surgery got in. Chicago Blackhawks fan? Mercedes Benz. New? What year/model?

Illinois Car License Plate: Hawks

Mini review
I had an excellent New York Strip Steak with a giant baked potato. I asked for it to be cooked between medium rare and medium, and they nailed it. Espresso after dinner, though from Intelligentsia Coffee, was poorly made. It was not hot, and had no crema. Great chocolate cake, but not special. Had better at Portillo's.

Good service, not extraordinary. The manager James was polite with my questions at the door.
Loud overall, but our table was in a less crowded area. Nice, classier, but unspectacular decor.

Price: Great food at a greater price. It's price exceeds the value.
1250 East Higgins Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 995-0100

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