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Bluster County Blues: Glorious Tales That Probably Didn't Happen Quite The Way I Tell It

Published today in Wheaton, IL's Patch.com is a new project called "Buster County Blues." My first tale: The Sound and Fury of An Elephant's Graveyard went up today at 5:32 a.m.

Bluster County Blues
Glorious Tales That Probably Didn't Happen Quite The Way I Tell It

Bluster County, USA. That's anywhere the biggest fish never get away, yet somehow aren't as expected. The mountains are built from elephants, champion coin droppers are around every corner, and the spring wind blows harder than a tornado but never leaves a mark. It is where I live, and it might be where you live too.

These are the days in Bluster County which give me the blues, but I would live nowhere else. The sun rises an inch higher here than anywhere else in the world, making every day brighter.

Imagine a world where everything goes completely right, and completely wrong all at once. This is the story of an extraordinary everyman's life, but filled with color, excitement, and plenty of bluster.

In Bluster County, you will hear old men tell old American Tall-Tales -- except these are completely true, more or less. Filled with half-truths, bald-faced lies, and the occasional fact, expect not to learn much of anything that's important.

Influences: Fans of Garrison Keillor's News from Lake Wobegon as heard on his radio show, Prairie Home Companion might catch some familiarity. So will Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry readers, with more than a little of James Thurber's and Mark Twain's sensibilities thrown in.

Keep up with my adventures here: http://anthonytrendl.com/Bluster_County_Blues.html
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