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End of the World and Today

Scoffers on all sides of the theological continuum are enjoying play on the prediction by one group that the world will end May 21.

However, no matter where you are on that theological continuum, from animist deist to theist to atheist to whatever other variations exist -- the world will end.

The Christian (Catholics, Anglicans, Fundamentalist, evangelicals, etc.) will agree Jesus Christ is coming back. The when part, and the part where we Christians are when that happens is disputed, but all will agree, per the Book of Revelations, the world will end as we know. There will be a New Earth, and, again, what that looks like breeds much disagreement, but that it is going to happen we all concur.

Meanwhile, the atheist and his kin know that all planets have a life cycle. Where is Earth on the timeline? I don't know, but someday, the sun will exhaust itself, the inner parts of the Earth may blow up in an explosive volcano, or the atmosphere may disintegrate. We humans might do something too, from pollution to massive bombs to some new method of self-destruction.

So what if we are here May 22? At some point, the predictors of our May 21 demise are more on top of reality than those who ignore the imminent end. How imminent is yet to be seen, whether tomorrow or in a billion years.

Will you be ready? Will your life matter? No matter what you believe about a diety and his and/or her role in any of this, you have a view about what your best life could look like. Are you living it out?

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