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Osama Bin Laden in Dead: Now What?

Osama bin Laden is dead. An icon for those who hate the west. This wealthy man, living off oil money, was sought for eight years by George W Bush, also wealthy from oil money.

Bush couldn't do it. News will come through exactly how it happened, and that news may be so politically laden, who knows. But the issue is, he is dead.

Will al Quaeda find recruits looking for revenge? What about the Talibin? How about the limited stability in Iran? The Middle East? Israel? What of sleeper cels in the USA?

Then, there is President Barack Obama, a man who is abti-death penalty, who ran on an anti-wat platform. This happened under his watch, not Bush's. Obama's popularity, presently suffering, is bound to shoot high. But should his people take glory in this? Maybe not -- yet.


Peace is not here. Surges in violence are bound to erupt. There will be death across the globe. Moreover, exploiting this for political goals is simply bad form. Obama is better than this. I expect talk radio/TV to pounce on this is terribily partisan ways, but this is bigger than Democrats and Republicans.

I expect a sober speech: "We have made strides, but we have more work to do."

And I will agree.
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