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Osama bin Laden's Death: One Man's Contrary View

Osama bin Laden is dead.

That's the news. There is little news in this world which can trump this. No birth certificate questions. No money scandal. The royal wedding? Old news. Only, perhaps, the death of a few other major well-known public figures might be bigger. Maybe.

His death just became the event that a generation will remember. JFK's assasination. The Challenger explosion. OJ's white Bronco in LA on the freeway. Now, bin Laden's death.

I cannot celebrate bin Laden's death. I recognize the benefits it has to the war on terrorism. I do not wish him to rot in Hell, or hope he felt pain as he died. No, no.

This was a calculated effort by our government, led by our President, my president, Barack Obama. President George W. Bush would have, tried to do, the same. I don't know what was different, why Obama's military pulled it off. That doesn't really matter.

A man died. A government killed him. Many people will say, "I hate the death penalty, but support this." That's like saying, "I hate abortion, but that *&#% raped my preteen daughter and she will not birth the evil child of that man."

If bin Laden was in the act of killing, attempting to kill, I can support this. This, however, was a premeditated, strategic effort to kill a man without trial.

Due process is apparently something we only support when it is convenient. Guantanamo Bay? We, as nation, were split on whether the inmates there, held because of presumed terrorism activities.

Meanwhile, I am a Christian. Jesus Christ says I can hate no man. I am to pray for my enemies. I am to love them. There is no, "Except Osama bin Laden." Either I believe this at the hardest time possible, or I never believed it at the easiest time possible.

Osama bin Laden is dead. I'm not cheering.
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