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Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial - Imported From Detroit

Detroit is capable of great things, it is true. Someday. In the meanwhile, my cars are made elsewhere. I would love to "Buy American" and, as a Chicagoan, would love to keep it in the midwest, but I cannot afford to. When Detroit increase the quality and decrease the price, I will buy accordingly.

Still, this is a great commercial, managing mood, tempo, Eminem's personality, Detroit's economic failure (they skipped the corruption in the mayoral office which brought them there), the heavy pollution, and the general depression the city is in.

Eminem, incidently, was born in Missouri, grew up in a Detroit suburb, and currently lives in a posh suburb outside of Detroit. Not Detroit. That's not dissing his abilities, but Crysler milked the Detroit persepective.

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