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Illinois and Chicago Politics Are a Joke

Why do I hate politics? Because of legal corruption. It isn't as if Governor Pat Quinn has my respect or my vote, but I have voted Democratic in Illinois elections in the past.

I thought at first this was a gag, or a hoax like the hacked Fox Twitter account. This one seems real.

New Ill. map stamps big-city names on green acres.

ST. ANNE, Ill. (AP) — Surrounded by fields that grow corn, soybeans, melons and potatoes, this tiny rural village is 65 miles from Chicago but light years away from the big city. Still, St. Anne and a lot of the farm country around it has now been dragged into the metropolis as part of an ambitious political strategy focused on the 2012 national elections.

A new census-based political map drawn by the state's Democratic-controlled Legislature, and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, has taken swaths of suburban and rural Illinois and added them to the districts of veteran Chicago Democrats such as U.S. Rep. Jackson Jr., who could be St. Anne's next representative.
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