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Review: JVC HAF140WN Gumy Headphone (White): Decent Headphones, Horrible Packaging: Childproof and Adultproof

JVC HAF140WN Gumy Headphone (White)

These are basic headphones useful in any music system. The sound is as good as any with headphones at a related price point and functionality.

That's the good news.

The bad news, and the reason I dropped this review from five stars to two stars, is regarding the packaging. It is simply awful. Encased in a beautiful hard, but flexible clear plastic shell, the product was well-protected. Too protected. The engineers who developed it clearly have no sense of the human experience. The product managers overseeing it all, as well as the marketing people, apparently just shoved this past their supervisors without involving common sense.

It took 15 minutes to open it. During that time I tore the paper instructions, scratched several fingers, and otherwise became extremely frustrated.

True, the product itself is adequate. However, moving forward, I am less likely to buy JVC products. I can buy the same quality product from a dozen other manufacturers at the same price without this trouble. The headphones are not good enough to bother with the hassle.

Sorry, JVC, but you failed.

Anthony Trendl
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