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Six Very Short Tales

Strange, wonderful, amazing, unlikely neighborhood tall tales.

Leroy the Butterfly: Interview With a Gadfly
When a Small White Butterfly (Pieris rapae) arrives in Wheaton, and makes his way around town, what does he see?

Cannonball's Run
Cort Coleridge always does the unexpected well. One thing he did made him a legend.

The Raging Giant Blue Goldfish
Fish stories are common among fisherman. How often will you hear about the fish which swallowed them, or that it was glowing blue?

Why Four Sheep Had Their Hooves on Backwards
Something very strange happened to the sheep at the local children's farm.

Mountain Cat Charlie Runs Again
What happens when two massive men collide at home plate? Why are there fireworks after baseball games?

The Sound and Fury of An Elephant's Graveyard
Can a local hill really be where a million elephants fought for true love? Can an ordinary man climb an unending hill?
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