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Today Is My Birthday: Tell Me About Yours

I'm afraid to open Facebook. It exploded, I've heard. In a good way.

So far, at 11:37 am, August 30, I have 80 or 90 emails from Facebook friends posting on my wall happy birthday. More than one language. At least three. Five or so came three days early. I'm not clear how that happened.

There are a few links up there. Songs and things.

I notice a few people posting who never post in relationship to my account ever. Even a couple people who only post how much they despise either Bush or Obama (you know the sort) stepped up to say happy birthday.

Some of them I have never met, who, for a number of reasons, connected with me on FB.

The four people born on the same day sent fun messages.

Not just Facebook. One from MySpace too. Only this one is from the company. I had forgotten about my account there. I never used it.

A bunch of companies sent me coupons.

What if I were a celebrity who actually used Facebook personally? That probably means at least 5,000 friends, and, quite possibly thousands more.

  • What was your favorite birthday? Cool gift? Unusual day? Surprises? Friends?

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