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Amanda Knox murder conviction overturned

Amanda Knox murder conviction overturned
'I have not killed, I have not raped, I was not there,' she earlier told jury.

Her story was sexy, international, full of lies, corruption and incompetence. Glad you now know the latest global news from Perugia, Italy.

Do you know about Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani? Also international, full of intrigue, human rights issues and, in his case, probable murder. Iran will kill him by the end of the week. No, no, there are no protests like with Troy Davis. Why? Who knows why the world wants to watch one case over another.

Iran recently changed its charge against Nadarkhani from apostasy to tape and/or spying and/or not hating Jews. Seriously. Why? Because the world was becoming aware of the case, and pressuring Iran not to kill him. Since they realize the rest of the world (except for China, and several other Arab states) thinks killing someone because of what they believe is against basic human rights, they changed it to rape. It is a public relations thing.
Read about him.
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